Office of Business Affairs (OBA):

  • The OBA is responsible for all processes, policies and procedures related to the University Consolidated Budget. The OBA assists Budget Units that need assistance with planning, managing and reconciling their local budgets.
  • The OBA provides budget units with the following:
    • The university’s financial outlook and budgetary priorities per the strategic plan
    • Preliminary monies available for additional funding requests based on revenue inputs
      Outline of the budget process for the next fiscal year

Budget Group:

  • The Budget Group serves as an advisory committee to the President and works to set and/or change budget priorities as appropriate for the financial health of the university. The Budget Group includes the Division Heads for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, External Affairs, Business Affairs, Presidential Affairs and Continuing and Professional Studies, along with the University Controller, Director of Presidential Operations, and the OAA Budget Manager.

Budget Units:

  • Each Division, a budget unit, is responsible for planning, managing and reconciling its local budget. All division heads are responsible for decision-making around their approved budgets. The roles and responsibilities for managing the budget, budgetary procedures may vary by budget unit.
  • Budget Unit representatives meet with the OBA to review the previous year’s financial performance and answer questions. For the Annual Budget Cycle, Budget Unit representatives will develop Budget Proposal materials and present them at the Budget Group meetings:
    • Year-end expense forecast and variances to budget for current year
    • Budget forecast for the next fiscal year
    • Additional funding requests for the next fiscal year and justification for those requests