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FAQ’S FOR 1098 T


How do I get my 1098 T?

Log into your Student Portal Account and click on


Can I use any email ID to download my 1098 T?

Please use only your PAU email ID to access your 1098 T


I am a first time user of  What do I do?

 On the right hand side of the screen, sign up using your PAU email ID.  Wait for the password to be emailed to you.  Then log in using your PAU email ID and the new password emailed to you.


I had downloaded the form last year?  What do I do for this year?

Log in using your PAU email ID and password that you used when you created the account in


I now see the forms.  Where do I click?

Please click on PDF to download your form.  Do not click on Image Archive


I clicked on the PDF to download my form; however, nothing shows up

It takes about 4 ~ 5 minutes for your form to download.  Please be patient